Diamonds and Diamond Grading

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Course Information


Course Information

  • This course has 2 component, theoretical component, where students are taught the background to Diamond and Diamond Grading from formation through to the pricing of a polished diamond.
  • During the practical students will be given a hands-on experience that builds on the theory with an emphasis on diamond grading, which includes Colour Grading, Clarity Grading, Cut, Proportions, and the identification of common stimulants.

  •  The programme consists of 2 Phases:

Phase 1: Theory is done through the online portal, or through distance education where students will have to submit assignments.

Phase 2: 5 Day Practical lab class based at our premises.

Students are provided with the necessary tools and equipment required for the programme during the practical phase. (The tools and equipment remain the school's property.)


  •  Theory: At your own pace (Course will be available for 3 months after Registration.)
  •  Practical: 5 days Instructor lead sessions (Practical component to be completed within a 6 months period after registration)
    o    Monday to Friday
    o    08:30- 16:00


What will it cost?

  • The course fee is R15 973.50 (Inclusive of VAT)

 What will I get?

On successful completion of the course, you will receive a Certificate of Completion from Harry Oppenheimer Diamond Training School and Gem Training International.


 Important information that I need to know?

  • You can register at any time for the Theoretical component through our online portal.
  • Practical Sessions would have to be pre-booked.
  • ID book, driver’s license or passport is required to enter the Building.
  • In the event that the programme is not completed within the 6 Months window after registration, a 50% re-registration will be charged.
  • Candidate must arrange their own transport and accommodation.


  • Strictly no refunds policy

Course Information
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Practical Lab Dates


08 January -12 January 2024

05 February -09 February 2024

04 March - 08 March 2024

08 April -12 April 2024

06 May -10 May 2024

03 June -07 June 2024

08 July -12 July 2024

12 August -16 August 2024

09 September -13 September 2024

07 October -11 October 2024

04 November -08 November 2024

02 December -06 December 2024