Essentials for Rough Diamond Evaluation

Study diamonds online for the the comfort of your own home

Course Information


Course Information

• The Essentials for Rough Diamond Evaluation & 5-day Lab offers a blended learning experience for students.

• This is a two-part programme.

o Theory is done through our online portal, with instructor lead video, interactive quizzes, images, text and booked contact sessions with lecturers. (Prerequisite to continue with the lab)

o 5 Day Practical Lab class at our premises, where theoretical knowledge will be put to practical application. We make use of a large variety of natural rough diamonds and various other stones.

• Students are taught to understand the characteristics and estimate the Clarity, Cut, Colour and Carat- Weight of a rough diamond.

• On completion of both Modules a student will be able to identify a diamond and determine a market value for a diamond or parcel of diamonds.

• Students are provided with the necessary tools and equipment required for the programme during the practical phase. (The tools and equipment remain the school’s property.) Duration

Theory: At your own pace (Course will be available for 3 months after Registration.

Practical: 5 days Instructor lead sessions (Practical component to be completed within a 6 months period after registration)

o Monday to Friday

o 08:00- 15:00

What will it Cost?

The course fee is R14070.00 (Inclusive of VAT)

What will I get?

On completion of the Online Theory and the 5 Day Lab you would have completed the Rough Diamond Evaluation Qualification and receive a Certificate from Harry Oppenheimer Diamond Training School.

Important information that I need to know?

• You can register at any time for the Theory through our online portal.

• Practical Sessions would have to be pre-booked.

• ID book, driver’s License or passport is required to enter the Building.

• In the event that the programme is not completed within the 6 Months window after registration, a 50% re-registration will be charged.

• Candidate must arrange their own transport and accommodation.

• Strictly no refunds policy

Course Information 2023
To register, following the tab Online Course
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Practical Lab Dates

2024 - 5 Day Lab Class

Theory online classes can start immediately after payment has been received or payment was made through our online pay-gate.



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